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Dear Voters of Herkimer County:

I am respectfully seeking your support in my candidacy for re-election as your Herkimer County District Attorney.

In 2002, I joined the District Attorney’s Office as an assistant district attorney. During my time in the DA’s office, I have prosecuted thousands of cases ranging from minor traffic offenses and misdemeanors to the more heinous crimes of homicide, sexual offenses against adults and children, assault, burglary, robbery, and other serious felony offenses. My felony trial record is unblemished, never having had a felony trial result in an outright acquittal. I am also quite proud that all of my numerous trial convictions have, to date, withstood appellate review.

As you know, I served as the Acting Herkimer County District Attorney in 2012 and began serving as your elected District Attorney in 2013. And, as promised during my campaign, I have remained a hands-on prosecutor by not only personally handling a significant number of cases each year but also by responding to the most serious crime scenes in our county. For I believe it is the duty of the District Attorney to be available and responsive to the needs of law enforcement 24-hours a day, every day!

In my capacity as District Attorney, I am called upon daily to make very difficult decisions. Each time I do so, I consider the facts and the laws applicable thereto and I rely on my experience to guide me in making the decision which results in justice for all.

I have endeavored to establish a reputation as a tough but fair prosecutor; defendants and victims are aware that I will prosecute the perpetrators and defend the rights of victims of criminal activity in Herkimer County, fully employing the parameters of the law and the ethical obligations inherent to my position as a public servant.

As a result thereof, I am proud that during my tenure as District Attorney, the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services has reported that the total index crimes reported in Herkimer County have decreased each and every year. In fact, in 2014 and 2015, the index crime rate in Herkimer County was the lowest since before 1990 and the violent index crime rate was the lowest since 1992! Yet, despite these rates decreasing so significantly, my office continues to prosecute a significant number of cases in County Court which has resulted in the imposition of hundreds of state prison sentences for those who foolishly chose to engage in criminal conduct in Herkimer County.

In addition, I remain vigilant in operating the DA’s office in a fiscally responsible manner. I have a great working relationship with the Herkimer County Legislature which, I believe, has resulted in additional savings to the taxpayers of Herkimer County.

As I seek the opportunity to continue serving in my capacity as Herkimer County District Attorney, I assure you that I will always attempt to improve the services my office provides to the residents and visitors of Herkimer County and that I remain steadfast in my resolve to protect them.

I appreciate your time and thoughtful consideration in this regard. Thanking you, I remain

Very truly yours,

Jeffrey S. Carpenter
Herkimer County District Attorney


  • Unanimously endorsed by the Herkimer County Republican Committee
  • Herkimer County Conservative Committee
  • Town Clerk’s Association of Herkimer County


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